The Professional’s Guide: Business Card Stock

Even the best designers may need a cheat sheet when it comes to picking the right stock for a business card order. Without a tangible sample, all those stock numbers and letters can be a bit confusing. But choosing the right stock is a critical element of successful business card design.

The fact is, the vast majority of wholesale business cards are printed on 14pt stock as it’s generally the most economical option. But when you consider that a business card is typically the first impression of your entire brand, it makes sense to put a little more thought into the stock you choose.

Weight Matters

We carry a variety of standard weights for our wholesale business cards, including 14pt, 16pt, 18pt. Each of these stocks comes in a variety of finishes.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a heavier stock for most business cards. Humans naturally assign higher value to heavier items. A flimsy, lightweight business card will typically be seen as cheap and disposable. A thicker stock will not only be seen as more valuable, but it will also be more durable.

The Standard: 14pt Stock

While our 14pt options are highly economical, they are fairly substantial and are thicker than the base stock offered by many other commercial printing companies. A 14pt card can be printed on two sides with no issues and provides a good balance between durability and economy.

The Upgrade: 16pt Stock

But if you’re looking for something just a little more impressive, we highly recommend a 16pt stock. This is a great option for executives, as it adds tangible value to your brand. This upgrade adds a small additional cost, but promises an excellent ROI as recipients are far more likely to hold on to this card.

The Heavyweight: 18pt Stock

This heavyweight stock feels luxurious, upscale, and add an air of importance to your brand. It’s not the stock for your everyday cards, but it’s an excellent choice for high-end business events, luxury brands, and specialty services. It’s the option you want when you really want your card to make an impression.

The Lightweight: 100# Stock

Sometimes you need something a bit more lightweight. Perhaps thicker isn’t practical. That’s when it’s time to go with a thinner yet highly durable option: 100# stock. Our 100# options are lightweight yet sturdy and they hold color well. They are also highly economical, making this a great choice when you need to hand out cards in large quantities.

The Traditional Options

Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional with a more classic feel, you may want to consider some of our spot color business card options. We offer a range of 100#, 110#, and 130# choices in linens, classic crests, and more. These are wonderful for businesses that want to show strength, tradition, and longevity. Our traditional options are very popular among lawyers, architects, and similar professionals.

Selecting the right stock takes some experience. If you’re a designer placing a print order for resale, or a print shop that deals mostly with simple cards, you may not be sure which stock to use. Get in touch with our support team and ask for a free sample pack. We’ll help you figure out what stock is best before you place your wholesale business card order.

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