ND4C has been a trade print leader for over a decade. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, our service, and our response to industry demands. We are committed to meeting your customers' needs and keeping your business running on time and on budget.

Built by printers, for printers

ND4C is a trade printer. That means that we never sell to end-users. We work exclusively with authorized resellers in the print industry, including:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Ad Agencies
  • Sign Shops
  • Photo Studios
  • Print Brokers

Service you can count on

With over a decade in the industry, we've learned a thing or two about what matters most to our customers. We've built our business on truly outstanding service:

  • Print-savvy customer support
  • Rapid online custom estimates
  • Free route delivery in key cities
  • Fast turnaround on catalog products
  • Innovative product range

American made

We're a homegrown business. When you choose ND4C, you can trust that you're supporting American production and a team of dedicated US-based print professionals. Everything you order is printed right here in our local plants so we can ensure quality, speed, and service.


ND4C now provide resellers with G7 Master Qualification providing the industry's highest standard in color management.

What is G7 Master Qualification?

The G7 Master Qualification is an industry recognized certification through quality group Idealliance. G7 ensures quality management ot achieve the highest color consistancies. The G7 print calibration method uses spectrophotometry to track neutrality for improved hue and gray matching.

G7 Master Qualification recognizes that ND4C uses only the latest in technology, techniques, proofing, press controls and standards required to produce a close visual match from proof to print.

What this means for ND4C Customers

Color reproduction is consistent from proof to press
Color is consistent from printed sheet to printed sheet
Color is consistent from print job to print job


LED UV Printing

LED-UV offers incredible print quality because the image is instantly cured with controlled dot gain without the need of powder spray. The dot sharpness is second to none, allowing us to offer High Definition printing.

LED-UV means Brighter Colors

Water-proof LED Inks and Varnishes Provide Higher Gloss, as higher color fidelity and sharpness is achieved through trapping then fast curing the ink on the surface of the stock.

LED-UV means Faster and Cleaner printing

LED Provides Instant Drying on Paper and Card stocks

  • No color changes due to dry-down
  • No spray powder required
  • No marking issues on the press
  • No drying problems on multiple types of stocks

LED Light Generates NO HEAT

  • No Sheet curling or registration issues
  • Fresher - no ink smells

LED is Absolute Green-Tech and 100% Future Compliant

  • Requires only 50% of the power of H-UV / LE-UV
  • Lower energy consumption reduces CO2 emissions.

Hi Definition Printing

Hi Definition is also known as Stochastic Printing which achieves a cleaner, sharper result. At ND4C we are delighted to announce that we now provide Hi Definition Stochastic Printing on all color jobs. Stochastic Printing is equivalent to 500lpi.

HD Printing improves the look of photos

Photos look crisper and cleaner and in most cases HD Printing improves the look of photographs.

HD Printing widens the color gamut

Stockastic Printing expands the color gamut when compared to conventional printing. Having a wider color gamut means printing appears brighter, giving you more color choices.

How it works

Stochastic Printing uses FM (Frequency Modulated) screening as opposed to conventional printing which uses 'Angled Screen' profiles. Convential printing uses screens with a profile to offset each color dot using specific angles. Convential angle profiles also use a larger 'dot' size, which will create a moire effect (rosette) due to the angle offset for each color dot. FM screening uses a more scattered approach within the profile, and also prints a much finer dot, providing more of a continuous tone, much like a photograph.