As your wholesale printing partner, our goal is to ensure that each order you place is a success. We make sure that we’re providing the top-quality printing service that you rely on. You provide the design. In this guide, we’ll provide some of our best business card design tips, gleaned from decades of combined industry experience.

We do a lot of business in the digital world. Some might try to tell you that the business card is dying—that Google search is replacing the need for this classic marketing piece. The fact is, research shows that business cards are still highly relevant, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

While no one finish is necessarily “better” than the others, it’s important to understand that each option fits unique recommended applications. The right finish will enhance your final product – while the wrong one may cause problems. As your wholesale printing partner, our goal is to help you select the right options from start to finish, and that includes the perfect finish for your project.

Even the best designers may need a cheat sheet when it comes to picking the right stock for a business card order. Without a tangible sample, all those stock numbers and letters can be a bit confusing. But choosing the right stock is a critical element of successful business card design.

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