Custom hang tags are a central component of product marketing. Very few products are complete without that final touch of a custom printed label. A high quality custom hang tag accomplishes a number of marketing goals:

Brochures are one of the workhorses of the marketing world. As an industry leader in wholesale printing, we see the good, the bad, and the ugly – and we’re here to help you get the most out of your wholesale brochures.

ND4C offers the widest range of EDDM sizes for your next EDDM postcard campaign. Why settle for less when you can pick the perfect size to fit your campaign needs? With all of our available sizes – ranging from 6.5 x 9 to 6.25 x 11 to 6 x 12 and beyond -- you’re free to create the best possible EDDM advertising campaign.

While rectangular 2.5” x 3” business cards remain the standard across all industries, many are now looking to change things up. A custom shaped business card is always going to make a lasting impression. A custom shape stands out, draws interest, and guarantees that the recipient will spend a little more time looking at it. It’s out of the norm, and that makes it memorable.

Data shows that first impressions matter when it comes to business cards. According to a recent study, 39 percent of people surveyed would not do business with a company if the company had a “cheap looking” business card.

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