With our huge array of options, our wholesale brochures are super practical. They provide an effective vehicle for conveying information in an accessible format. And while wholesale brochures are fantastic tools for marketing and communication, they are far more versatile than many folks realize.

While everyone in modern marketing understands the power of a printed product catalog as part of an integrated marketing campaign, not every company can commit to the cost of a full-scale print run. Booklets and catalogs printed in bulk are certainly the most cost effective per piece, but the full cost of a large print run can be prohibitive for a limited marketing budget.

Data shows that first impressions matter when it comes to business cards. According to a recent study, 39 percent of people surveyed would not do business with a company if the company had a “cheap looking” business card.

While no one finish is necessarily “better” than the others, it’s important to understand that each option fits unique recommended applications. The right finish will enhance your final product – while the wrong one may cause problems. As your wholesale printing partner, our goal is to help you select the right options from start to finish, and that includes the perfect finish for your project.

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