Top Seven Tips for Corporate Christmas Cards

Make your holiday marketing sparkle with these top tips for custom holiday cards. With the right approach, you can generate plenty of year-end good will with your clients – and potential clients – and pave the way for a successful new year in the process!

1.       Plan your custom greeting card

Put some careful planning into your corporate holiday card so that it really reflects your company brand. Think about the images and message that will highlight your team, your culture, or your product/service.

Don’t go for the generic option that will inevitably end up in the trash with the rest of the junk mail. Generic is easy, but if you’re investing in custom greeting cards and spending on postage, a little extra effort will maximize your returns.

2.       Match your messaging to your audience

If the bulk of your customer base celebrates the Christmas holiday, then a classic “Merry Christmas” is probably the way to go. But if you’re catering to a highly mixed customer base, then a more generic message might be in order. But whatever you do, avoid using the phrase “X-mas” as it’s typically viewed as lazy or even offensive.

3.       Curate your custom greeting card mailing list

Don’t mail your greeting cards out willy-nilly. If someone doesn’t have a recent relationship with your company – or worse, if they cut ties on a bad note – it doesn’t make sense to keep them on the list. Send your custom cards out to clients and potential clients who will appreciate the gesture.

4.       Invest in quality design

Put thought and care into the overall design of your custom greeting cards. Skip the generic templates. Your customers are already receiving those by the dozen. Hire a professional designer who can really capture the heart and soul of your company. You may even consider using photos of your team to really personalize your season’s greetings.

5.       Go for quality stock

Don’t skimp on quality when selecting a stock for your custom greeting cards. No one likes a cheapskate, after all! A custom holiday card printed on high quality card stock will look and feel valuable – even if the design is fairly simple.

6.       Splurge a little?

Consider adding some extra special touches to your custom greeting cards. Christmas only comes once a year, after all. The shimmer of foil or a splash of spot UV can elevate even the simplest design and make your holiday card dazzle.

7.       Craft a sincere greeting

Avoid the generic holiday boilerplate. Instead, go for a message that communicates true goodwill and appreciation for your customers. A sincere, well-crafted message leaves a lasting impression and lets your audience know that they are truly valued.

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