Are Custom Calendars Part of Your Marketing Mix?

Are you looking for one key way to keep your brand front and center all year long? Then it’s time to add custom promotional calendars to your marketing mix.

A custom printed calendar is one of the best trash-proof ways to promote your business throughout the year. Because a calendar is a practical item, people hesitate to toss them out. Where a postcard or flyer might end up in the trash, a calendar will be put up on a wall or set on a desk – and it’ll keep working long after the other pieces are long gone.

But the value of a custom printed calendar goes well beyond simple brand promotion. In fact, you can build a large chunk of your marketing around your custom calendar. Consider just a few of the following benefits.

Use Your Custom Calendar to Promote Events or Offers

A custom wall calendar provides ample space to incorporate upcoming special offers or events. Every time a customer glances at the calendar, you’ll be pointing them to your desired action – whether that’s purchasing a product, signing up for an event, or taking advantage of some other offer.

By planning out your year of promotions in advance, you ensure seamless advertising that flows month to month. Every page turn offers a new opportunity to generate business, and keeps your customers looped in and interested.

Use Your Custom Calendar as a Coupon Book

Along the same lines, think about incorporating coupons or special offer codes into your monthly calendar. Plan out your monthly promotions, and keep customers excited about upcoming deals each month. Then back that up with additional marketing pieces to remind customers to act on the deal.

Use Your Custom Calendar to Educate

Maybe your industry doesn’t revolve around specific offers or events. In this case, perhaps you have key information to offer your customers. Craft your promotional calendar around industry tips and tricks. This is one more way to keep your customers engaged and interested in your brand. It’s added value, and this approach establishes your brand as an industry expert in the minds of recipients.

Use Your Custom Calendar as a Brand Showcase

If you sell products, a custom calendar is a fantastic showcase. But here’s the key: don’t fall in the boring trap. Bland stock photos won’t sell products. Invest in high-quality photos of your products in action. Show the products in use and generate excitement around the brand. Get creative with how you display your products, and your customers will respond.

Use Your Custom Calendar for Long-Term Exposure

If you aren’t incorporating custom printed calendars into your marketing mix, it’s time to start! Not only will customers hold on to a well-designed calendar, but they’ll keep it on display. That one calendar will work for you all year long, promoting your brand, showcasing your products, and even generating new leads and new sales.

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