The Professional’s Guide: Designing USPS-Ready Postcards

Check your mailbox. Postcards are still one of the number one mediums for getting a message out fast and far. Thanks to competitive USPS rates, postcard mailers are a super easy entry point for mass marketing. Postcards can be mailed out a targeted mailing list, making this an affordable way to get in touch with a specific group of people.

Not only are they affordable, but they tend to have a far better response rate than email marketing. Postcards are less likely to get lost in the noise, and since there’s no envelope to open, your recipients see the message as soon as they open their mailbox. Our wholesale postcards are a super flexible marketing tool, and that’s why they continue to be a go-to method for marketing agencies across the country.

Before you start your design process, make sure you’re meeting USPS requirements:

Correct Dimensions for USPS Postcards

In order to take advantage of the very low postcard rates from USPS, you’ll need to make sure your postcard fits within their range for First Class Mail postcard pricing. To meet USPS postcard dimensions, your card must be:

  • -        At minimum 3.5 inches in height x 5 inches in length and 0.007 inches thick.
  • -        No more than 4.25 inches in height x 6 inches in length and 0.016 inches thick.
  • -        Rectangular in shape

If your postcard doesn’t meet the above requirements, it will be rated for letter-size postage.

Watch Your Selection!

At ND4C, we offer an extensive range of sizes, stock, and finishes for our wholesale postcards. If you are planning on sending your postcards out through USPS, please be aware of their mailing requirements.

In selecting your stock, remember that the heaviest stock that will be accepted by USPS is our 16pt stock. Anything heavier will exceed the 0.016” limit.

In selecting your size, be sure to select dimensions within the parameters defined above. This will ensure that your postcards can mail out via USPS at the best possible rate.

Also keep in mind that attached stickers, magnets or other items may make your piece non-mailable.

What About the Alternatives?

If your postcard doesn’t fit the defined dimensions, that doesn’t mean you can’t send it through the postal service. We offer a huge range of sizes for wholesale postcard printing, and it may be worthwhile to exceed the standard postcard limits. Just be prepared for different mailing rates. With USPS Marketing Mail, for example, there’s a bit more flexibility. Once you’re paying Letter prices, your postcard can be as large as 6x11”.

What About EDDM?

The requirements for a wholesale postcard EDDM campaign are a bit different, so we have given that topic it’s own post. You can read all about EDDM postcard requirements here.

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