The Professional’s Guide to Effective Postcard Printing

As a professional print reseller, you know the basics of postcard printing. You’ve probably even run a number of postcard campaigns. But we’re sure you’ve also dealt with the frustration of a wasted order because a tiny element was overlooked. And that’s the goal of this guide: to ensure that you’ve got all boxes checked before you submit your order for production and distribution.

Contrary to popular assumption, postcards are currently recognized as one of the most effective tools in the marketing mix. It’s not surprising, really. A targeted custom postcard mailer is an extremely efficient way to get your message into many hands at a competitive cost.

That said, here are some surefire tips to get the most out of your wholesale postcard order.

1.      Uncoated stock is best for writing

If you anticipate needing to write on your postcards, choose an uncoated stock. While folks can certainly grab a sharpie in a pinch, you can make it easier on them by choosing a highly writable stock. Uncoated cardstock takes pencil, pen, or even crayon without a problem.

2.      Keep mailability in mind

If you’re printing wholesale postcards for a mailing campaign, make sure that the back is left uncoated. Official USPS standards discourage UV or other coatings because they cause delays in automated sorting. Automatic mail sorters require enough friction to move pieces along, and UV coating typically causes the machinery to jam.

3.      Leave space for mailing indicia and address info

We recommend using our free EDDM templates to ensure that sufficient space is left for addressing and indicia. Getting your spacing just right can be a headache, so we’ve removed the guesswork with simple, clear EDDM templates.

4.      Thicker stocks feel more important – and last longer!

Whether you’re mailing your postcards or handing them out personally, you can’t go wrong with a thicker stock. Not only is a heavier stock going to hold up better with handling and mailing, but it’s going to be perceived as more valuable by the recipients as well. A thicker stock feels more substantial, and your message will carry greater importance compared to the thinner postcards that usually come in the mail.

5.      Mailing your postcard? Skip the frills.

Much like UV coating, extra frills like rounded corners tend to cause problems with the automated sorting systems used by USPS. Skip the rounded corners and stick to the tried and true basics for guaranteed mailability.

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