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We at are very happy to offer Full Service for Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) service from the U.S. Postal Service®.

What is EDDM?

It's a great service from the USPS enabling you (and your customers) to send postcards to the right customers.

Promote your business, small or large, to your local community - reaching potential customers in nearby neighborhoods.

EDDM makes it so simple because you don't need any names or addresses - no mailing lists!

More than that, our Full Service makes it even easier!! With just a few simple steps you're reaching hundreds of ideal customers!

You simply create the art using our EDDM Templates and then select the desired routes - we do all the rest.

So let's go!


When your art is ready (be sure to use our EDDM Templates) and you have an idea of the area you want to reach, follow these simple steps:


Select "EDDM Postcards" from our "PRODUCTS" menu.


We've done all the hard work in setting up the acceptable Postcard sizes.
Simply select the size you want.


Then use our EDDM Online Tool to select the routes and to calculate the quantity of Postcards required.

To use our EDDM Online Tool:

  1. Click "Select EDDM Routes".
  2. Enter your target Zip Code and click the "Add Zip" button. The Zip Code Routes will be displayed on the map.
  3. Select the desired Routes by clicking on them on the map or simply "Select All Routes".
  4. Select "Residential Only" if desired.
  5. Finally apply your selection to the Job with the "UPDATE JOB QUANTITY" button.


You will see that the Job Quantity has the required quantity and the EDDM Routes lists the selected routes. Great!


Just a few more steps! On the next page you can upload your art. Then from the Shopping Cart you place your order.


Final step?
Sit back and wait for the results!


Yes and no.
No, you cannot simply select 500 or 1000 postcards. EDDM is based on delivery to every door per route.
But, yes, you can select your favorite routes.

Most routes have both residential and business addresses. You can select to deliver your postcards to only the residential addresses.
But please note that PO Box Routes do not offer the "Residential Only" option.