Hi Definition is also known as Stochastic Printing which achieves a cleaner, sharper result.

At ND4C we are delighted to announce that we now provide Hi Definition Stochastic printing on all color jobs, Stochastic Printing is equivalent to 500lpi.

HD Printing improves the look of photographs

Photos look crisper and cleaner and in most cases HD Printing improves the look of photographs.

Standard Printing Magnified

Standard Printing Magnified

Hi Definition Printing Magnified

Hi Definition Printing Magnified

HD Printing widens the color gamut

Stochastic printing expands the color gamut when compared to conventional printing. Having a wider color gamut means printing appears brighter, giving you more color choices.

Stochastic Printing - Briefly how it works

Stochastic printing uses FM (Frequency Modulated) screening as oposed to conventional printingwhich uses 'Angled Screen' profiles.

Conventional printing uses screens with a profile to offset each color dot using specific angles. Conventional angle profiles also use a larger 'dot' size, which will create a moire effect (rosette) due the angle offset for each color dot. FM screening uses a more scattered approach within the profile, and also prints a much finer dot. The finer FM scattered dots prevent the moire pattern from forming, providing more of a continuous tone, much like a photograph. Example of a magnified screen shown below.

Conventional Screen

Conventional Screen

Conventional Screens will create a typical moire ( rosette ) pattern as the color is applied to the paper.

FM Screen

FM Screen

FM Screens prevent the moire ( rosette ) pattern from forming, due to the finer more scattered dot when printed.


FREE Color Guides

Smart Color Guide

To help you take advantage of HI Definition color, we have produced a 'Smart Color Guide' which provides you with an extensive range of colors with the CMYK color value for each color, allowing you more control in achieving the color you want.

Our FREE Color Guide is now available to all ND4C account holders and for anyone placing their first order with us.


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Now you can enjoy high quality Hi Definition printing for all ND4C color printing