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To press an image with a die into paper, leaving it above the surface.

See Also: Deboss

Four Color Process

Printing method using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to simulate full color images.

See Also: CMYK, Subtractive Color

Gripper Space

The amount of space on the paper covered by the press grippers. This area is unprintable.


Space between two pieces on a press sheet, used to allow for bleed on each piece.

See Also: Bleed, Image Area

Image Area

The part of the sheet that can be printed on. Also refers to space inside specified margins.

See Also: Gutter, Bleed

Ink Values

In CMYK, refers to the amounts of each of the four inks in percentages for a given area.


An image inside a solid or screen created by the absence of ink.


Orientation of the sheet where the width is greater than the height.


The amount of space between lines of type, usually measured in points.

See Also: Point


Space between the edge of the paper and the image.


Effect created when making a screen of an image that already has a screen, usually from using a printed piece as an original.

See Also: Screen

Offset Printing

Method of printing where ink is transferred from the plate to the blanket and then from the blanket to the sheet.

See Also: Plate, Blanket


For booklets, the process of placing pages on the press sheet in such a way that the page numbers will fall in numerical order when the booklet is collated and folded.


Unit of measurement based on points. Twelve points equal one pica. Six picas are roughly equal to one inch.

See Also: Point


Metal or plastic sheet that contains the image to be printed. The plate transfers ink to the blanket.

See Also: Offset Printing, Blanket


Abbreviation for Pantone Matching System.


Unit of measurement for type, less than 1/72".

See Also: Pica


All work involved with getting original images onto plates with ink colors properly separated for each plate.

Press Check

Proofing process performed at the press with production held until the work is approved.

Printer Spread

Art with pages arranged for printing with proper pagination.