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ND4C now provide resellers with G7 Master Qualification providing the industry’s highest standard in color management.

What is G7 Master Qualification?

The G7 Master Qualification is an industry recognized certification provided through quality assurance group Idealliance. G7 ensures quality management to achieve the highest color consistancies. The G7 print calibration method uses spectrophotometry to track neutrality for improved hue and gray matching.

G7 Master Qaulification recognizes that ND4C uses only the latest in technology, techniques, proofing, press controls and standards required to produce a close visual match from proof to print.

G7 Proof-to-Print Seal

What this means for ND4C Customers

  • Color reproduction is consistent from proof to press
  • Color is consistent from printed sheet to printed sheet
  • Color is consistent from print job to print job
G7 Consistency
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G7 Master Qualification for Brand Management

Achieving color consistency when printing on multiple platforms, in various geographic regions, is a critical component in brand management.

Many Fortune 500 companies are specifying G7 certification on a national basis as a strategy to ensure consistency for their print materials across all media forms.

G7 compliance is considered a critical metric towards managing their brands.

G7 Brand Management
G7 Brand Management
G7 Brand Management

ND4C is now a G7 Master Qualified wholesale printer, enabling our resellers the confidence to provide customers with the highest industry standard color management.